2016 Results

PICTURES are starting to come in, and we hope you will post the ones you took on Facebook and tag “The Oviedo Preservation Project” so we can see some of your best shots. (Thank you to Frederic Krueger, Susan Pierce, and all the other photographers from the Oviedo Photo Club who came out!)

Other Awards

  • BIGGEST SCHOOL TEAMS (and a $500 grant) – Walker Elementary (53 team members) & Oviedo High School (44 team members)
  • LARGEST COMMUNITY TEAM (and an Alehouse lunch) – My House Fitness (27 team members)
  • NEIGHBORHOOD SPIRIT AWARD – everyone felt like a single neighborhood on Saturday!! The neighborhood of “Oviedo” won!! CONGRATULATIONS!!
  • COSTUME CONTEST – Some of our costume contest winners don’t even know they won – please help spread the word! Congratulations to #480 (Captain America – Male Division), #364 (Carla Hogan, Flower Zombie – Gals Division), the Seven Dwarves (#277, 274, 271 and more – Group Costume Winners), and our GRAND PRIZE winner, #565 (the suffragette)! Please check in with us at 407-365-8888 if you weren’t able to stick around to claim your prize!

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