Interested in learning about the places you’re running past along the route? Then download thisĀ PODCAST.

There will be 3 files visible in Google Drive, click on the one labeled Rising Run Podcast.

Here are some noteworthy addresses you may want to look for (all which are talked about on the podcast):

  • 263 King StreetĀ  (First United Methodist Church of Oviedo*)
  • 193 N. Lake Jessup Ave (Talbott House)
  • 435 N. Lake Jessup Ave (Old Fellowship Hall)
  • Cross Seminole Trail (Atlantic Coast Line Crossing)
  • 159 N. Central Avenue (Nelson and Company Precooler*)
  • 9 E. Broadway Street View (Townhouse Area)
  • 45 W. Broadway Street (First Baptist Church of Oviedo)
  • 322 King Street (Browne-King House*)

*these buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places

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